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It’s easy to see why it would get voted as the coolest country on earth. There are black girls, brown girls, white girls, mulatas and even mixes with Asians or native Indian.

In this section I’ll share some high level insights I learned from dating Brazilian girls and some information on the country itself. You have curly hair, straight hair, skinny bodies or curvy bodies… Have a look at the finalists of Brazil’s Next Top Model TV-show: A common trait most Brazilian girls share is a great body and a big smile. Brazilian girls have the genetics for a curvy body and many spend hours in the gym doing squats to enhance their butts even more.

I did not do well with cold approaches but when Brazilian girls have some interest in you, they will let you know (eye contact, a smile,…). Approach and start a conversation, she wants you to do it!

You can meet girls literally anywhere but here are some locations where it’s easiest to find attractive Brazilian girls.

The personalities of Brazilian girls are also very different from Western women.

They have not been brainwashed by feminism (as much/yet) so the gender roles are more traditional.

Brazilian girls are very approachable and friendly.Brazilian men are much more sexually aggressive than Western men.They don’t all have game but they have zero approach anxiety.Just look at my story: My first trip to Brazil I banged 3 girls in 3 weeks. I’ve dated incredibly hot women: a samba dancer, a local porn star and model looking girls. There is poverty related crime so you should use common sense to keep yourself safe. The first time I was able to recover my phone but I had to fight a gang of ladyboys for it. Brazilian girls are very different from their Western counterparts, both in looks and in personalities.After applying everything I had learned, this went up to 30 girls in 12 weeks. In this guide I will break down how to improve your success in two simple steps: Brazil has exotic beaches and waterfalls, some of the most beautiful women on this planet, amazing food and the nicest people. Brazil is generally a safe country but it does have it’s problems. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be fine: If crime should occur it will be 99% non-violent, like pickpocketing or someone snatching your phone and running off. Even compared to other Latin-American countries, Brazilians have their own habits and vibe that’s unique to Brazil. For generations many different races have been mixing in Brazil and the results are very interesting.

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