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This principal is supposed to be 46 years old and still a bachelor. Police investigations have been launched in relation to this type of video being released to the internet where voices of those uttering lewd words in an intoxicated tone are heard in the background and subsequently a certain person in 113 Galgamuwa area in Galgamuwa provincial secretariat area has been apprehended as suspect in this This girl, Araliya Muthu Pabalu who showed abnormal signs of sickness from birth was unable to absorb any food and her mother, Mrs. At the time the child was born she weighed three and a half kilos. When she was breast fed, her stomach began A 23 year old young man from Gampola area who was addicted to heroin and after having engaged in robbery with the idea of getting some money had then used is mother sell the items he so robbed and in the process had been apprehended.

A certain female student having failed her first year ordinary level examination and had All operations launched with a view of searching for the university student who had slipped from Asupini Ella two days before and had disappeared from the foot of the ella had proved unsuccessful because of the volume of water in the ella, Uduwella grama niladhari, Mr. After the arrest he was remanded with his mother on which occasion he had hanged himself most unexpectedly inside his cell itself and had died on the spot.

The French News Service has reported that quoted an extract from European Union diplomatic news sources that the European Union has sounded an alarm that the GSP Plus afforded to Sri Lanka if the death penalty would be reintroduced.

In the meantime the incumbent government too has got involved in an airport and that is in Hingurakgoda in the district of Polonnaruwa.Information has further been reported to that unit that the wife of an underground leader With rumours going round that former Secretary of Defence, Gotabhaya contesting as a candidate for the forthcoming Presidential Election, certain groups connected to United Opposition has begun to drift.In short, they are against Gota being favoured for the opportunity of candidate for this Presidential Election.Amarasiri Kalansooriya is warded at the intensive care unit of Sri Jayawardenepura Hospital in a serious state, it is reported.Though various news was circulated that he had passed away, the hospital and members of his family have rejected it.

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