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Then the last issue I'll cover today are around some of this content and link optimization stuff is: What if you've got multiple websites all linking back to your main site, and you're wondering does that or would that help my SEO?

I can't tell you how many folks, surprisingly even folks who are very savvy, who have done lots of other stuff in the technical and web development worlds, are thinking about this from a SEO perspective. Basically, you have this understanding that more links is a good thing and that more link diversity is a good thing.

Maybe I've picked up some old domain names that I've bought, or I've bought entire properties outright.

So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to add a site-wide link or many links from these pages all back over to my main site." What you're hoping is that this will amplify your ranking signals and amplify your opportunity. In fact, what's happening is you're creating a barrier for the full link equity for brand, user and usage data signals, and any potential social signals.

You're creating a barrier that's stopping some of those things from passing fully here.

Let's just imagine that you've got four links over here, and they are all pointing to, which you're then thinking, "That's great.

Next up, a question around rel=canonical, and 301s, especially cross-domain rel=canonical, meaning people are pretty comfortable with the rel=canonical that sits on your own website on your pages and maybe says, "Hey, the print version of this page should actually be considered the same as the web version of this page.

But this is much more a user experience and a branding experience issue than it is a technical SEO one, because both of these work pretty darn well." Subdomains can be kind of interesting sometimes because there's a lot less technical hurdles a lot of the time.You don't need to get your engineering staff or development staff involved in putting those on there. Now engines may indeed consider content that's on this separate subdomain to be the same as the content that's on here, and so all of the links, all of the user and usage data signals, all of the ranking signals as an entirety that point here may benefit this site as well as benefiting this subdomain.I believe John and I believe Matt when they say that Google has made strides in this direction.The problem is they're not good enough or perfect enough to rely on that factor, and so I'd really urge everyone to keep your content on one single sub and root domain, preferably in subfolders.

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