Dating the visually impaired dating is not fair for men

So in honor of this anniversary, I thought I would give you a few funny snippets about my adventures dating a visually-impaired guy.

When I met Matt, I knew he didn’t have perfect vision based on some passing commentary from our mutual friend, but I didn’t know the extent of his visual impairment. I had plans with Tom, a friend I met while interning in college and Tom invited his high school friend Matt, who had moved to the area earlier that year, to join us. He successfully poured the water out of the tea pot, but I’m not convinced much of made it in the tea cup.

There is a definite lag once the screenshot is taken where we wait for the phone to pick up on the fact that there was a new screenshot added to the screenshot folder. There are still plenty of bugs to squash and things to improve, but I think our system does a great job of illustrating the proof of concept.

The clear next step here is to move away from naive classifiers, and instead use a deep neural network trained on image net to caption the images.

Since we met right before my marathon, we spent most of the night talking about running and most likely boring Tom. In fact, it went in the saucer and mostly on the table.

So I guess the moral of the story is that accessibility, sadly, is not something that designers generally think about when building technologies.You can gain information from the environment, Chad, for example is a outdoorsman who likes boats and dirt bikes and 4 wheelers, maybe that’s your thing, maybe it isn’t, but without being able to see the photos that information is inaccessible.You can also imply some aspects of an individual’s lifestyle from the photos in an individual’s profile.All it would take is fifteen minutes for a professor to introduce the concept of universal design (the idea that we should design things so that they are accessible to everyone). He is a wonderful husband to me and father to our three (adorable! In fact, I met Matt one week before I ran my first Marine Corps Marathon. Since Matt lost his vision in college I never knew him when he was fully sighted.

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