Dating with widow

For Michael Persicano, Jesse Capps, and William Mc Michael, it was the gun that pointed to Raynella as the killer. Erin Moriarty: Did it cross your mind you might be letting a killer go free?

She had an alibi that the State could not prove the time of death.…and she comes up with it and -- and starts shooting. Senior Judge Paul Summers: Only two words are required: either motion granted, or motion denied.But then, like so many times in the story of Raynella Leath, something completely unexpected happens.Senior Judge Paul Summers: In short, the state has failed to meet their burden …The defendant's motion for judgment of acquittal is granted. The judge, on his own, acquits Raynella Leath of murder. So we asked Judge Summers, now retired, to make his case to "48 Hours" and he agreed.

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