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The problem is that before CT's appearance, Bananas had expected to go against rival housemate Tyler Duckworth. You see in that clip when they blow that horn we're both pulling in opposite directions.Tyler was big, but not CT big, and the strategy Bananas had worked out in practice inevitably backfired. When [I practiced] doing it, I would barrel roll and try to pick it up. The speed with which CT was able to carry Bananas to his barrel made it easy for Tyler to follow.The aftermath: A champion is born and a rivalry lives on Bananas has won three seasons of than any other cast mate in the history of the show, but it's still moments of defeat that he remembers the most. "It really fueled me to at all costs avoid this happening again. Even if CT never returns to the show, they know they have this one moment of reality TV gold they created together. Although they were broken up at the time, the feelings were clearly still there.Pictured above is Diem with her Battle of the Exes partner. Chris "CT" Tamburello and Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio are two of the MTV franchise's most famous alums, thanks mainly to their numerous appearances on the never ending spinoff series, "The Challenge." It's been 13 years since CT went abroad to live with 6 strangers and 10 since Bananas shacked up in Florida ...and now, the latter is revealing his one gripe about being on the show. they call it Paris, but you were an hour and a half outside the city," explains Johnny at a recent event for Mountain Dew in NYC.

The barrel roll didn't just give CT a momentum advantage, but it actually allowed him to stand up with Bananas still strapped to his back. Bananas went home with nothing but hurt pride that evening, but it was moment that changed both CT and Bananas' Challenge careers forever. That's the moment we share together."We know we'd love to see them back in action together.

Have you kept up with the show all these years later? Be sure to check out the gallery above to see what some of your favorite old school housemates look like now.

So far, throughout the season I’ve been profiling some of the cast members from Battle of the Exes, and here’s today’s lady: Diem!

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Chris “CT” Tamburello’s baby mama is a model named Lilianet Solares. Lilianet was born on November 23, 1991 and is currently 25-years-old. CT recently revealed that his son is the reason he returned to MTV’s The Challenge. The former Real World was born in Brooklyn, NY and then moved to Boston.

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