Updating garmin 430w navdata american sex site

My SR22, wich I bought a few months ago, is equipped with Avidyne and two Garmin 430Ws. It seems that the previous owner did not think it worthwhile to update the units’ software. When the units boot up they show the main software as v.3.30 and the GPS as v3.2 The aircraft is currently in the hangar for its annual, so I’m wondering whether to update the software (which @NCYankee posted recently is now v5.2). What, if any, enhancements will I get on the 430Ws by making the upgrade? When updated will the units still be able to read data from the silver Nav Data cards (or will I need to get the more modern orange data cards? I got the upgrade from the same version you have to version 5.0 last week, and the silver cards that came with the 2 used W units work fine. Version 3.3 has many bugs in it and the later versions have new features, for example 100 waypoints in the flightplan up from 31 waypoints.

I do not know about V 5.2, i got 5.0 Main improvement besides some other are LPV and LNAV/VNAV approaches, very important IMHO. This is helpful when you are entering long routes on airways.

With the great power of the unified database comes great responsibility: The navigational data can only be as good as the world scenery it is placed in, especially the airports.

Some of X-Plane’s airports in the default scenery have not kept up with the pace the real world is evolving at: runways are renamed (due to magnetic shift), extended, built or closed and X-Plane’s airport scenery is only as good as the community who cares for it.

features of X-Plane 11: The completely redesigned database for navigational data, which makes it much easier for data providers like Aerosoft and Navigraph to supply data updates for the X-Plane navigational facilities, while preserving scenery compatibility.

The most important goal when designing the new database was to eliminate the duplication between data in X-Plane’s world and X-Plane’s navigation systems to leave less room for subtle inconsistencies.

• Added support for AC 20-165 compliant ADS-B Out operation of the GTX 330 ES transponder when the GNS unit is used as a position source.

• Added support for Canadian METARs and TAFs (when available in the XM Weather package provided by the GDL 69) in the XM Weather package provided by the GDL 69.

• Increased the software design assurance level for the Terrain Page maps to level C.

LP approaches also have advisory vertical guidance added.

It costs the same to upgrade, why would you want to pay for an upgrade to a lower level.

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