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Billions of dollars in foreign aid have been funneled into Afghanistan's much more dangerous eastern and southern provinces.

"Perhaps if we blow something up, the world will pay attention to us," many in the province told Al Jazeera.

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D., but the new research on the Central Asian pushes back the onset of oil-based painting by at least a hundred years.

In December, the first commercial flights to Bamiyan hoped to bring tourists from Japan and China to ski the mountains, climb the cliffs that housed what were once the world's largest free-standing Buddhas, and visit the picturesque "red city" of Shahr-e-Zohak.

Murals found on cave walls in Afghanistan prove that painting with oil had been going on in Asia for centuries before artists used the technique in Europe, scientists said this week.

Until now, art historians believed that oil painting started in Europe in the 15th century.

Researchers made the discovery while conducting a chemical analysis as part of preservation and restoration efforts at Bamian, which lies about 145 miles (240 kilometers) northwest of the Afghan capital, Kabul.

Seen in a 2005 photo, a towering alcove in Afghanistan’s Bamian Valley cliffs shows the former home of a giant Buddha statue. D., the statue was one of a pair destroyed by Taliban officials in 2001.

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