Dating a man who won39t commit

Maybe you are waiting for him to "take the lead" by letting you know he doesn't want to date anyone else.Whatever the case, we women often find ourselves wondering what might be standing in the way of our exclusivity being unambiguously legit.

As far as I can tell, neither sex is a fan of this phase of courtship, often referred to as the "talking," "hanging out," or—if you are lucky to have such clarity—the "just dating" phase.Perhaps past relationships have been unhealthy or maybe "The Old Ball and Chain" joke is more damaging to male/female relationships than we might have thought."For years I was afraid to commit," explains Andrew."At a certain point a guy gets gun shy." Dan also says that fear of rejection can make him hold off on getting more serious with a woman."It's easier for me to start putting up the walls from the get-go than risk getting hurt later when I get too close," Dan explains.

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