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Well, O'Driscoll was still one of the crown jewels of the northern hemisphere, as his selection as captain of the 2005 Lions tour demonstrated.But he was increasingly uninspired by his own form.See our Privacy Policy and Third Party Partners to learn more about the use of data and your rights. The first thing you notice about Brian O'Driscoll, after years of interviewing poker-faced sportsmen, is how much he laughs. The butt of his laconically humorous, gently sing-song stories is - in almost every case - himself."Dressing-rooms can be vicious places, in the best possible way, from a slagging point of view.But there's a difference between slagging someone and bullying, and we were in the lucky position that we understood the tipping point.Life was about performing on the rugby field but it was also about flying to Monte Carlo for the Grand Prix.

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But he is extracting full value from a tale that dates from 2006, the height of his bachelor days.I didn't have my gates up that summer so people were able to just access it around the side. And yeah, I was 27." For a great sportsman, O'Driscoll is unusually long on self-awareness.Few athletes would describe their autobiography as "a chance to take the piss out of yourself".Yes, there are guys who have gone over the top on occasion.But once you see the error of your ways and apologise, all is forgiven." After a decade-and-a-half of ego-stripping banter, you can see why O'Driscoll's biggest fear is "[being seen to be] over-happy with yourself." He gives a little shudder. Even talking about it now." In his early 20s, though, he had more reason to feel smug than most.

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