Early navajo residence dating

However, Navajos weren’t the first inhabitants of the land.

According to Anthropologist & historians, Ice-Age Paleo-Indian hunters roamed the Monument Valley area thousands of years earlier, followed by archaic hunter gatherers.

Traditionally, most rites were primarily for curing physical and mental illness. The ensuing campaign resulted in the destruction of large amounts of crops and herds and the incarceration of about 8,000 Navajo, along with 400 Mescalero Apache, at Bosque Redondo, 180 miles (290 km) south of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In other ceremonies there were simply prayers or songs, and dry paintings might be made of pollen and flower petals. This four-year (1864–68) captivity left a legacy of bitterness and distrust that has still not entirely disappeared.

Navajo interactions with Pueblo tribes were recorded at least as early as the 17th century, when refugees from some of the Rio Grande pueblos came to the Navajo after the Spanish suppression of the Pueblo Revolt.In maintaining these disparate traditions, the Navajo have been cultural innovators.For example, the World War II—Marines who used their native language to foil enemy monitoring of vital communications—played a definitive role in winning the war (and saved countless lives) by maintaining crucial radio contact on the battlefield.Thousands earn their living away from the Navajo country, and appreciable numbers have settled on irrigated lands along the lower Colorado River and in such places as Los Angeles and Kansas City, Missouri.Centuries before Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas, Navajos were already settled in the Four Corners area of the Colorado Plateau.

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