How to prevent flash from updating

Although you disable Flash from running inside the browser you use, I’d recommend a complete uninstallation if you want to rid your computer of it for good.

What’s more, simply disabling Flash in your browser might not be enough to protect your computer!

In a previous article I outlined how the use of Adobe Flash can increase the opportunities for malicious hackers to compromise your computer.

There are several ways to protect yourself from these types of attacks - enabling Click to Play, for instance, is one of them - ensuring that Flash-based elements only load in your browser on your command. Let’s start with the first scenario: that you don’t want to completely eradicate Adobe Flash from your computer.

A new window should appear; simply double click on the “Adobe Flash Player” inside to get started.

Adobe aims to notify you before installing any non-emergency updates, however.Otherwise, you’ll be provided with an alert instructing you to directly download the latest version.Google made technology headlines after announcing that the Chrome web browser would contain an automatically updating build of Flash Player.When a new version of the player is released, a window automatically pops up in the user's browser, requesting an update.For some, these update windows can be annoying, especially when new versions are frequently released.

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