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Experiences of feeling misled, used and disappointed are a turn-off.We used to fear being sold a lemon when we were buying a car.There were warnings about those who were only “out for one thing”.Some folk have always been good at talking out of their bottoms and it not being spotted for a while.That’s not something we’re going to get from a dating profile or a handful of dates.

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We have all made assumptions about what we need, how relationships work and what love takes.Someone can share plenty about themselves, and we still have to get to know them based on our experience of him/her.No matter the dating site or app, there’s no getting around this. 2) Regardless of our intentions or knowledge, sometimes the other party possesses far greater material knowledge than we do.There’s no verification; there are no benchmark test results for their levels of honesty, integrity, emotional availability, etc.They might be all of the things that they have put down; they might not. Each of us is the thinker of our thoughts, feeler of our feelings, holder of our needs, desires and expectations.

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