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CARBON NEUTRAL Or Carbon Neutrality - the term used to describe the actions of organizations, businesses and individuals taking action to remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as each put in to it.CARBON OFFSETS Measures taken to make up for carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.GREEN BUILDING The practice of using eco-friendly building materials, and the designing of energy efficient homes and businesses. GREEN LIFESTYLE/LIVING Consideration of life choices made which will have consequences on the environment.GREENHOUSE GASES Gases in our atmosphere contributing to global warming.HERBICIDE Chemicals that stop plants from growing or even kills them.IPPC Government Panel investigating impact, and solutions for the changing climate. LED Replacing the usual light-bulbs, known as Light Emitting Diode.For a more detailed discussion see electron subshell filling and the electron dot diagrams based on that approach.Once the basics have been mastered as they are presented here, those two pages will add an extra level of understanding to this topic.

FAIR TRADE USA certification code that verifies that farmers have received a fair price for their products.This can be done with a degree of ease for the first 20 elements following several simple steps.These steps result in workable electron dot diagrams, which are also called Lewis Dot Diagrams.CARBON TAX A proposed tax charge on carbon dioxide emissions because of burning fossil fuels. Compact Fluorescent Lamp ECOSYSTEM A self sufficient environment formed by biological and physical characteristics existing together and in one place.CARBON DIOXIDE Greenhouse gas increasing global warming. CLIMATE CHANGE Rapid change in global climate because of human activities. EMISSION Gases or exhausts produced by human activity.

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