Sarah mclachlan dating geoff courtnall

She has special plans for the staging this time out.“We’re sort of tentatively calling it the living room experience because I hate to leave my house,” Mc Lachlan said.Award winning singer/songwriter Sarah Mc Lachlan’s most recent album is aptly titled Shine On, which is exactly what she is doing.It’s a refreshing change from the last few turbulent years for the singer — a divorce, the loss of her beloved father and brother, and the severing of ties from both her management and record company of 23 years.He’s worked really hard and has really come into his own as a spiritual human being. He’s such a strong guy.” Although much of “Shine On” reflects the positive turn in Mc Lachlan’s love life, a few songs (“Broken Heart” and most obviously “Song For My Father”) touch on her adoptive father, Jack, who died in 2010. But the point was, if I ever needed it, he would be there in a second,” she said. But not with my dad, he was just solid.” Musically, the album will sound familiar to fans who have followed Mc Lachlan since she came onto the American music scene with her 1991 album, “Solace.” It was her next album, 1993’s “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy,” that introduced her to the masses with hit singles such as “Possession” and “Good Enough.” She hit a new peak with 1997’s “Surfacing,” which included the hits “Building a Mystery” and “Angel,” and enabled her to launch her ground-breaking all-female festival tour, Lilith Fair.That’s part of why I respect him so much because he struggled. He had been a hugely steadying force in Mc Lachlan’s life. “And that unconditional love is something that is rarely felt anymore. Like those albums and those that have followed (2004’s “Afterglow,” 2006’s “Wintersong” and “Laws Of Illusion”) “Shine On” has its share of first-rate ballads (“Monsters,” “Broken Heart” and “Surrender And Certainty”) with pretty, well-developed melodies, but there’s also a little bit more edge to a few songs.The Chronicle Herald spoke with Mc Lachlan exclusively on creativity, family and how her music inspired a member of Run-D. When did you know you were ready to make this personalized album?

Sarah Mclachlan is top known and famous Canadian musician, singer, songwriter, and pianist.

When Mc Lachlan, 46, got to work on “Shine On,” she had yet to fully move on, and it showed in her lyrics. “I was alone, obviously for over three years, and then I met my, I don’t know what the hell you call it, boyfriend, partner — this guy I’m dating — and all of a sudden, everything sort of opened up for me in a whole new way,” Mc Lachlan said.

Sarah Mc Lachlan couldn’t have been in a much different place when she wrote most of the songs on her new album, “Shine On,” than where she found herself in writing her previous CD, “Laws Of Illusion.” That 2010 album came in the aftermath of her divorce from Ashwin Sood, which left Mc Lachlan moving into her 40s as a newly single mother of two daughters, ages 7 and 12. I want to do something else, but I was quite stuck.” What changed was meeting former NHL hockey player Geoff Courtnall and realizing there was a spark between them.

I didn’t see this desperate need to get this record out, you have to sharpen the saw, and you have to go away and experience things and work through things and have something to write about.

The title Shine On is just two words, yet it infers such a positive message of continuous hope. My friend and I were having so many conversations about not only the record, but also the place we were at in our lives. Your music has had a profound affect on many, one being Darryl Mc Daniels of Run-D. C., who was suicidal when he stumbled on your song Angel on his car radio. He bought all of your music and listened to it for a year straight.

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