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Though a small one-man operation, the San Diego company represents the kind of seed-stage opportunity set to explode within the next decade.

"The senior market needs a reliable source of transportation and care," says Padgett, 54, who offers escorted transportation, personal shopping and errands, technical consulting and training, handyman services and more.

The need for transportation services is certainly there, agrees Generational-Targeted Marketing's Fishman, particularly if you don't limit your service to daytime activities."They need someone they can call who is dependable and honest.I am the substitute son." Representing another idea still in its formative stages, adult day care is more often than not a service provided by existing senior communities."The first day of each of my classes, I ask my students why they're [there].I often hear, ' I want to stop calling my son, daughter and grandkids every time I have a question about my computer.'" Helping seniors feel successful is key to luring the other 78 percent of seniors who, due to lack of access, lack of skills or intimidation, have yet to make use of Internet technology.

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