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10 No.4, 1994“ The HIV-causes-AIDS theory is one hell of a mistake.” Foreword, “ Inventing the AIDS Virus”“ Years from now, people will find our acceptance of the HIV theory of AIDS as silly as we find those who excommunicated Galileo.”“ Dancing Naked in the Mind Field,” 1998“ Where is the research that says HIV is the cause of AIDS?

There are 10,000 people in the world now who specialize in HIV.

None has any interest in the possibility HIV doesn’t cause AIDS because if it doesn’t, their expertise is useless.”“ People keep asking me, ‘ You mean you don’t believe that HIV causes AIDS?

’ And I say, ‘ Whether I believe it or not is irrelevant!

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Such an admission could very well destroy these organizations or at the very least put their future credibility in jeopardy.And those guys don’t have that.” California Monthly, Sept 1994“ If you think a virus is the cause of AIDS, do a control without it.To do a control is the first thing you teach undergraduates. The epidemiology of AIDS is a pile of anecdotal stories selected to the virus-AIDS hypothesis.They have constant TB and malaria infections, the symptoms of which are diarrhea and weight loss, the very same criteria UNAIDS and the World Health Organization use to diagnose AIDS in Africa.These people need clean drinking water and treated mosquito nets [mosquitoes carry malaria], not condoms and lectures and deadly pharmaceuticals forced on pregnant mothers.” Scheff, AIDS Debate, Boston Dig, 2003“ We’ve put 20 years and 8 billion into HIV.

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