Swimmers dating skiing

Whether you want to exercise, play sport or relax, the Val Thorens Sports Centre is the ideal place to visit, featuring a wide range of activities in a 7,500 sq.

Larkin, like 400m gold medallist Mack Horton, is another of our bespectacled pool heroes.

I'm usually heading to marshalling eight minutes before a race at a major championship, so I'll be suiting up, going to the bathroom, talking to my coach.

"I spoke to Em and she's fine about it, she knows I support her 100 per cent.

We use the word "hero" deliberately in this case because there's a distinctly Clark Kent/Superman look to this guy. Where Mack Horton wears contacts in the pool, Larkin swims without them and his events are quite literally a bit of a blur. That could be another drama for the 23-year-old Queenslander, as his event looks like being one of the closest-fought at these games.

Larkin has qualified third fastest and will start in lane 3.

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