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She almost cried with relief and said “thank you so much for being courteous with it” I sniffed my wrist and said good Heavens this stuff reeks just as much as a remember. So now I’m stuck with this 1 dab of witches death breath on my wrist, but I go about my business, shoving my hands in my coat pocket. Like Mother Nature just created a world in my pocket. Aromatics Elixir is super concentrated, the name said it all. Everything you know about perfume does not apply here. I got curious about this scent after reading all the reviews here - it seems very polarising, and apparently very dependent on body chemistry.

About 20 minutes later I smell this intoxicating scent radiating from my pocket and I think..way. Use it sparingly and you may discover the enchanting witches brew that it is. Today, I had an opportunity to try it, and recklessly sprayed it on my hand rather than a paper strip.

Like walking around in an ancient forest with golden sunlight shining through the leaves – a true Medieval elixir.

It's powerful, mossy and earthy, with gentle florals peeking out. Unparalleled performance and a bracing herbal sillage, AE is an exquisite and timeless chypre concoction worthy of experiencing at least once. Starts off very strong and almost headache inducing. I got a hail-mary job at a plumbing supplies warehouse and my oh my the woman in admim smelled divine! So off I go to Macy’s to give this a test spin and it’s nowhere to be found, Only 4 bottles of Happy and it’s Happy little sisters to test. She said they are seasonal and that’s all we have right now.I can definitely detect it on myself but I don't think I'm gassing anyone out in close quarters with it :) Around 2007 when AE was reintroduced, a wild eyed Clinique sales assistant thrust a 15 ml bottle into my hands, saying TAKE IT, TAKE IT. Aromatics Elixir is not exactly department store friendly. It would never be made today, although Thierry Mugler has my admiration, if not my love, for going against trend and releasing other crowd displeasing fragrances, but I digress... Home by myself, no one to offend, HAZMAT suit at the ready, loins girded (not quite sure where my loins are, nor how girding is achieved, so I did a few quick pelvic floor excercises in the hope that if I wasn't protected from AE, at least I was immune from any coughing embarrassments). I took the sage advice of those of you who adore AE, so I mixed it with a benign body cream and sprayed judiciously on one arm. Because this is definitely straight from the earth. Washing your hands with ivory soap in a bucket of water outside a stable, from which the clean smell of horse and hay mingles with freshly sweated skin. I think one has to grow up into this lovely elixir, and I just did.It wasn't until I got home and sprayed it that I realised she was actually saying TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME. Now, I usually love herbal, vegetal fragrances, and I gave AE four hours before I admitted defeat. Took me perhaps 1000 samples and perfumes to wear or try (and maybe also to ding age 40) I liked it some 5 years ago, but not as much to buy a bottle and to wear it.I can't imagine someone would be offended by this unless they're offended by how anything green must smell. AE is sour (champaign) and bitter (rather than smokey), herbal, loaded with chamomile, chrysanthemum, patchouli and old times in the countryside.I suppose overspraying this one could be bad, I used one spray and that was enough but not overwhelming. It is beautiful; an atmosphere, a statement, an elevation from the ordinary. Pure earthiness that intimidates, yet doesn't fully frighten. All you can smell and hear are the trees and plants in the wind and maybe the little stream next to your old wooden house.

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