West dating james mother

However, Le Bron is not very happy about his son’s recruitment by the NCAA claiming it is a violation. Prince James has already earned handful of MVP honors and not surprisingly, his dad cannot hide his excitement with his son’s progress and achievements.He is also a fan and supporter of his father’s team and often watches Cleveland Cavaliers play. the superstar also has another son named Bryce Maximus James.We credit athletes due to their success in the respective games they play.However, we usually fail to recognize the persons that brought them to this world and made the persons who and what they currently are.

He has not hidden his love for basketball and usually accompanies his family to watch his father play.

After having Le Bron, Gloria had numerous boyfriends but she never had a baby with any of them.

She just wanted someone to play the role of father to the little Le Bron but not of her boyfriends lived up to the task.

The role was played by Gloria’s brothers, Terry and Curt.

I smell a big old stink egg of sexism and ageism emanating directly from this post over on Sports Illustrated's Extra Mustard blog. Because the writer, Samer Kalaf, apparently found the fact that Le Bron James' mother, Gloria James, is reportedly dating a younger man to be significantly shocking enough to warrant a full blog post.

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