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I really hoped I could keep old clichéd dating phrases like “spicing things up” out of these articles.But seriously, is there still surprise in your relationship? Have you got no new moves to teach each other (in and out of the bedroom! One reason men cheat is because their life has become so dull they just need to go out and feel something different!When a man feels left out and unwanted in his own relationship, he’ll feel the need to validate himself by sleeping with other women to feel like a man again.Hopefully cheating isn‘t a worry you‘ll have to deal with, but if you understand why it happens in the first place you’ll have the ability to ensure your relationship never reaches that position.I’m not saying to sleep with a guy out of fear that he might lose interest, but I am saying that the reality is he might lose interest because you are taking too long to sleep with him.

Now, if a woman is comfortable with this sort of casual sex and can detach herself from the outcome, then I say more power to her.

Neely: From a woman’s perspective, it often works a bit differently.

Are you’re saying you’d be out the door if a woman (who you are really into and has most, if not all, of the qualities you are looking for in a girlfriend or wife) were to say to you, “I really enjoy spending time with you, I’m super attracted to you, but I know myself and I’m not comfortable sleeping with someone so soon.

Think creatively about your relationship and keep mixing things up and your man won’t feel like he’s in Groundhog Day, living the same stuff over and over again! Sometimes women get so caught up in a cycle of game-playing that their man starts feeling unappreciated.

Men want to feel like their woman still fancies them; it’s this need that gets satisfied when they sleep with other women.

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