Who is dating shakira the dating game episode

Her ex-boyfriend, Oscar Ulloa, told the Colombian show“We were hanging out with some friends, drinking some beers, and in the back of the crowds of people was a brown-skinned, black-eyed, bushy eyebrowed girl, and I said ‘I have to meet her no matter what.’” he said.He recalled how he would wait outside his house every day to see her get off the bus. He called her a perfect girlfriend, saying she was “very spoiled, very jealous, and charming.” He chose to end the relationship because he thought it was best for her, and ultimately, they broke up on Valentine’s Day.

Turns out, the singer has been broken up with, and on none other than on a Valentine’s Day.He had a key role in negotiating her Live Aid contract – a ten-year deal worth between and 0 million.Shakira has said in numerous interviews that the pair were ready to settle down and start a family.They said they viewed the split as temporary, and that Antonio de la Rua – son of a former Argentinean president – will continue to oversee Shakira's business interests."During our almost 11 years together we have loved each other deeply, taken care of each other and stood by one another," read the statement.

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