Battlefield bad company 2 weapons and gadgets not updating Camera bouys couple

Unlocked by default on all pre-ordered copies, but can be acquired through experience for those who did not pre-order.Unlike in the original Bad Company, the Engineer has to lock on the target by looking through the scope of the rocket launcher for a few seconds at the tracer point. The Engineer is then free to fire in any direction, and the rocket will home in on the target.This is because its model is from Battlefield 1943, which features proper right-handed weapons, and the uncocked hammer comes from that game too.The MP-443 Grach appears in the game and has a 17-round mag, the highest of all the pistols, as well as the second lowest damage, the M93R being the lowest.

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It is incorrectly identified as "WWII M1A1 Thompson" in-game when in-fact it is the M1928 model.In-game however, it is the same model as the M9 but with stainless finish, 3-round burst, and, though not visibly different, a 20 round magazine.In the kill feed it was formerly incorrectly called the M9-3, this was later fixed to call it "M93R Burst".It is also capable of tracking and locking on while embedded on enemy personnel instead of vehicles.Lock on as seen through the scope of a Carl Gustav.

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