Django pyc not updating

As a side note, I don't see many Python developers wanting to use anything other than Django templates (for simplicity and separation of concerns) or Jinja2 (for speed and flexibility) these days.If the argument, in response to the aforementioned difficulty in verifying claims about maintainability, is "well, it's up to you; Pyramid stays out of the way", then the immediate response is that you're better off using Flask or Falcon; the former if you need third-party tools, and the latter if you need maximum raw speed, but still want Python.The next release, Django 1.11, will be a long-term support release, and the one after that, Django 2.0, will no longer support Python 2.https:// grow to highly respect the Django project for its good documentation, its healthy consideration for backwards compatibility, security, steady improvements and all round goodness.

I'm curious, what's an example of a framework that you think has a better architecture, and in what context are you evaluating this?

A drawback is that it doesn’t only compile the module, it also executes it, which may not be what you want.

(however, it does compile the entire script even if it fails to execute the script).

I would bet my horse on when it comes to API consistency, I've updated my applications from 0.9 to 1.7 and that was a breeze.

Over the years it was exceptionally great experience.

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