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“Gomet has inspired me to look back at how our people used to travel all the time and it is nice to see someone who is tackling it, and bringing awareness of how we used to travel without the means of motor vehicles,” said Councillor Claude Mc Kay.

“It is nice to see someone who is following his dream.” Gomet decided to travel across Canada was because he wasn’t happy about his job and life in France, so he decided to fulfill one of his childhood dreams.

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“You can’t feel the ground and you don’t take a good natural posture.” Gomet explained that wearing shoes caused him back problems, and he decided to throw them away when he read that it might help him.

In the evening he eats grains, such as rice, buckwheat and oats.

When he first got to Canada he purchased a 6 month supply of food, which totaled 180 kilograms.

“I thought it was pretty strange that someone who is walking across our rough terrain is going barefoot,” said Councillor Mc Kay.

“But it is nice that he took off his shoes to walk on our land.” His daily source of nutrition while on the road consists mainly of a mixture of nuts and dried fruit during the day.

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