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In a subplot, Walker helps a young circus acrobat who was brutally raped by three goons cope with her assault and later protects her and two Russian jugglers who witnessed and stopped her attack, from the trio who try to run them out of town. Walker and Trivette spring into action when Alex is abducted and taken to a remote cabin by Baker.When the powerful Yakuza director, Mitsua Usagi (Danny Kamekona) is killed in Tokyo by Congressman Leo Cabe's assistant, Karl Jaeker (John S.Sponsored by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Miles—while bravely battling lymphoblastic leukemia—saved a damsel in distress, worked with President Obama and earned the key to the city during his day-long reign.Here, Miles finishes a hard day's work with his beloved idol.A fellow window washer—dressed as Captain America—later surfaced for an equally touching encounter. Board of Education overturned school segregation, Dorothy Counts joined the student body of the previously all-white Harry Harding High School.Here, hostile classmates harass Dorothy, who would withdraw from the school after only four days.Although some sources identify the first three episodes aired at the end of the 1992-1993 television season, as the first season (making nine seasons in the series overall), This two-hour premiere episode introduces Cordell Walker (Chuck Norris), a contemporary Texas Ranger.During a bank robbery in Fort Worth, Ranger Cordell Walker's partner Bob Mobley (Steven Ruge) is killed.

Yoshi's father taught martial arts to Walker and next to that, Walker realizes that Yoshi is still a Yakuza member.Davies), the Yakuza follows Cabe (Andrew Robinson) back to the States, and East meets the Wild West when Walker and Trivette are sent to protect Cabe.However, Cabe might be lying about his relations with the Yakuza.The following is a list of episodes from the American television series Walker, Texas Ranger.A total of 201 episodes aired from April 21, 1993, to May 18, 2001.

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