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Here lived the most beautiful girls from all the Ukraine.

Nowadays men from all Ukrainian cities believe that the most beautiful and faithful women for creating strong family live in Nikolayev.

Nikolayev is located in the southern part of Ukraine, about 600 km (375 miles) south-east of Kiev, 150 km (90 miles) from Odessa and 80 km (50 miles) from the Black Sea.

The city is situated between two rivers - the South Bug and the Ingul.

In Museum one can see documents, photos, things belonging to Leontovich and Nichikov, written recollections of their relatives and collaborators, collection of sculls and stuffed animals and birds that used to live in the Zoo and also collection of eggs, schemes, maps and guide books of our and those of other zoos. Museum is very important for the Zoo because it preserves the experience and the memory about former generations of the Zoo workers. In Ukrainian, the city is named Mykolaiv, also seldom Mykolayiv.It has become a tradition to hear English speech in the streets of Mykolayiv. Choosing a hotel is a very important issue for them.There are a lot of hotels which can propose to you comfort rooms and the best service.It will give you the opportunity to have a rest and think over your future plans.You don't like silence and you are used to know latest news?

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