Updating ssl cert

To activate an SSL certificate: , and will deprovision the Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) assigned to the subscription.Before you remove a legacy certificate, be sure to point the DNS on all domains to your load balancers, as using CNAME to point DNS to the ELB can cause downtime for your environment.If your other environments (Dev and Stage) use the same load balancers, then the ELB and SSL certificate will work for those environments as well.

Click View to see details about an SSL certificate, including: After you have installed an SSL certificate on an environment, you must activate it before it starts working with HTTPS requests to the environment.If you need to renew an existing CA-signed certificate from the same CA, see Renew an Expired Certificate.Bomgar client software must be able to validate the SSL certificate of their appliance in order to establish secure connections.If you no longer want a removed SSL certificate to function, you should also revoke the old certificate to prevent an attacker’s website from masquerading as your own.Each SSL certificate vendor has different procedures to perform an certificate revocation.

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