Wheesung and ivy dating dating a french letter

In fact i had some time to visit a nearby Mall and bought chocolates and my best buy a Titus Watch.

Pronunciation is really very critical in foreign land I was listening to my former collegue talking to the Customer Service for Taxi and she just mentioned pick up from Novena Court going to Changi (with ‘ngi’ pronunced smoothly no stress on ‘gi’ so its not Chang-gi afterall) 🙂 I was spending a little stoll in the airport when I suddenly saw a familiar face. OMG i was actually standing a little over 1 meter from my favorite R&B singer from Korea — 휘성씨 (Wheesung-sshi).

Ai Kago suicide attempt and her husband linked to yakuza I think Didn't one of suju also have a hit & run? ) Seungri's towel incident with the japanese girl (does that count?

) Jay's dismissal from JYPE Sun Ho Husband and the City Harvest Church scandal The two-hour abduction of Carina Lau (actress wife of "Lust, Caution" actor Tony Leung) back in 1990.

She said on some shows later that seemed to hint it and that she have bad lucks with men but i don't remember exact words tho.

Choi Jin Shil- was a victim of abuse by her husband but the public turned their backs on her because apparently an abused woman is a woman without dignity.Okay will try to list down legit scandals (not the who dates who type) that I can recall...Korea - Ivy's sex tape scandal and her cheating on Wheesung - obvsly the Kim Hyun Joong womanbeater one - Park Sihoo's case - the gambling scandals of a couple of Shinhwa members - Daesung's car accident - Nichkhun's hit and run - Jaejoong's drunk driving - Shin Junghwans lying spree - A-list actors such as Jang Hyuk and Song Seung Heun trying to deceive their way out of military service. - the nver forgotten Yoo Seung Jun scandal Japan - Akanishi squad destruction of property case - Sato Takeru dragging a drunk and crying Maeda Atsuko on the streets lmao - Goro driving accident - Kusanagi Tsuyoshi running around the park drunk and naked - Ohno marijuana scandal Other countries -Edison Chen sex scandal (photos of him bedding tons of popular female celebs leaked) - Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng being secretly married all along - ok this is a dating scandal but it was a super messy one: Hu Ge and Yang Mi - Wu Zun being secretly married with a kid despite actively promoting as a member of an idol group I might have missed out a lot, feel free to add Rumored is that she cried bc Takeru cheated on her so it's like 2 in 1 scandal.My mind went blank and all the little korean phrases that I learned seemed to have banished in the air.Too bad taking pictures inside the airport is prohibited but I guess it was useless to move as I was completely star-stucked.

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