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I think even in the first white-inclined special that I did, they show the audience and it’s truly almost all Latinos and the white people are with white people. It’s younger, it’s mixed, it’s African-Americans, Latinos with whites and blacks with whites, and I thought that this would be a great place for comedy because cultural differences are not stereotypes, they’re just cultural differences.

You know, a stereotype isn’t a stereotype if it’s true and racial profiling isn’t racial profiling if it’s true, it’s only racial profiling if it’s wrong.

He’s dealing with what you might call #White People Problems.

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Looking at myself it just seemed that if I tried to do something other than be truthful with the show, because all my stuff has had that thread connected to it, that it would be for sure be something that I wouldn’t be comfortable with. But in this show, because you become a success and have something other people don’t have — it doesn’t mean all your problems go away. So in the run of the series of 12 you get to see things that are gonna work out and they all sort of unravel. There’s more jokes per page, like I think we used to have six jokes per page. If she doesn’t know you, you say why doesn’t she know me? So I thought that was a great area for comedy as well. I wouldn’t want it to be used to be a slur to somebody. I say sometimes it stands for “Forgive The People,” too. George Lopez is back on primetime, and he’s looking to secure eternal glory on television with FX’s “Saint George.” The new series, which premiered on March 6, follows the life of a recent divorcee who must learn to manage his relationship with his “WASPy” ex-wife while becoming a better father to his estranged son and facing the daunting task of diving back into the the dating world.so yea I think it’s much better than it’s ever been and it looks like it’s moving in a really positive direction.How important is it for you to use your projects to add more diversity?

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