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“That’s the beauty and the survival of Master Chef – that we have our opinions – [but] we go about our lives very, very differently from each other.” That’s not to say they aren’t great friends though.

We almost live as a married couple [during filming],” explains Torode.

I’m much more conservative in my tastes than John is. John on the other hand loves to see them really push themselves.” “Well, you say that, but you liked that kidney curry thing – that was disgusting,” Torode interjects.

“Any vessel used to hold urine is not something you should be eating, but the fact was, we had this plate of food in front of us, and [Gregg] honestly really, really loved it and it was just – eurgh!

Pudding aficionado and grocer Gregg Wallace and his partner in cookery crime, chef John Torode, are back for another instalment of Master Chef.

One guffaws happily whenever presented with a slick of something chocolatey, while the other has trademarked a ‘look’ so withering that amateur chefs shrivel as though they’ve been bunged in hot oil.

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