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So apparently you changed your name because you had the same name as a porn star?This was in the paper about three weeks ago and I don’t really know where it’s from because I didn’t actually say anything! Originally on my application I put Stevie with an ‘e’ at the end and thought I’d leave it at that but then it came back with just an ‘i’ and no ‘e’ and I thought, “OK that’ll do, that’s fine”. From the dizzying heights of fame in late 2004, when Steve won the first ever UK edition of The X Factor, to the terrible lows just eight months later when record label Sony BMG dropped him. Yeah, anyway, Shayne did pretty well on the back of his 2005 X Factor win, following up his debut self-titled album with a second AND third record.Unfortunately it was then overtaken by her mentor Cheryl Cole’s Fight For This Love, but still.A stint as brand ambassador for Sure Women deodorant quickly followed, and until recently Alexandra was starring in the West End musical The Bodyguard. His debut effort got beaten to the coveted Christmas top spot by an excellently well-orchestrated public campaign to get Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name to the No1.I know if you google Stevie Richie it comes up with Stevie-Louise Ritchie which is no relation, but they’re a glamour model. Then came a stint on a P&O cruise ferry (the Portsmouth to Bilbao crossing if you must know) followed by Steve’s discovery of Twitter, where he quickly found a semi-notoriety lambasting Simon Cowell, The X Factor, anyone involved in The X Factor… Oh, he did attempt to stage a comeback earlier this year with a crowd-sourced album, Forgotten Man, which, uh, well it failed to chart. Sadly, Simon Cowell’s label Sy Co Music dropped him in 2010, which could have spelled the end of his musical career – but no!From the dizzying heights of fame in late 2004, when Steve won the first ever UK edition of The X Factor, to the terrible lows just eight months later when record label Sony BMG dropped him. Shayne landed himself a plum role in West End hit Rock Of Ages in 2011 and THEN got picked to appear on Dancing On Ice. Probably the most successful X Factor winner to date, Leona had a massive hit in 2007 with Bleeding Love, which went to No1 in the US and charted all around the world."Nobody has done anything wrong, at the end of the day Grace and Matt are both single."Simon Cowell's hospital dash meant he was forced to miss last week's show.However, the media mogul will return to the small screen tonight.

And he got himself nominated for the Johnnie Walker Blue Label "Great" Awards in May 2011. With probably the longest name in X Factor history – her full moniker is Alexandra Imelda Cecelia Ewen Burke – Alexandra’s winner’s single Hallelujah sold 105,000 copies in a SINGLE DAY.But despite the battle for Simon Cowell's all important recording contract being well under way – it seems some contestants only have a one track mind.Hopefuls Matt Linnen and Grace Davies sneaked off from the group to have sex while inside the X Factor mansion, Daily Star Online can exclusively reveal.It worked, and for a while it looked like Joe might sink back to the depths of unknowndom. Joe went on to star in AND win the second series of Popstar To Operastar, and got to perform for the Queen at the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant. He may have won against One Direction – yes, One actual Direction – but Matt’s music career went a bit south after his victory in 2010. oh, and he had to go to rehab late last year to deal with his over-reliance on prescription pills. The artists formerly known as Rhythmix had to change their name before winning The X Factor after a desperate plea from a music charity who, tbf, had had its name for quite a while.Simon Cowell even stumped up £20k to give the charity as a peace offering.

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